For the past two years, they’ve handled every aspect of our small business IT needs. Working with them has been wonderful. From planning, preparation, installation, and real-time support, they are extremely responsive and capable.

Larry (Skyline Exhibits) Z.Middletown, CT

We are a small company and we’re not really computer savvy. Anytime we have a problem, Compu-Tech is here. They don’t make us wait. They understand we’re a small business so if our computers crash, they come out right away. Most of the time, they’re here the same day we call. They’ve been wonderful. It’s been great to find someone that will put us up there with the big guys.

Susan C.Bloomfield, CT

I’ve been a customer of Compu-Tech, Inc for about 14 years. They always resolve the problems I have here. They are quick to make phone calls and send emails to me. I am very very satisfied.

I highly recommend Compu-Tech because they are experts at the technical part of the business. Also the sales representatives are great and any time I need anything I send them an email or call them.

Nancy G.Bristol, CT

We’ve been going business with them for 10 years or so. They are very reliable and very responsive. They are always there when we need them, which is why we keep working with them.

Lucian D.Farmington, CT

I’ve been working with Compu-Tech, Inc for 4 or 5 years, maybe longer. I use them for network services and IT services in my building when things get over my head. Their support is great. I only gave them a 4 for service because no one gets a 5.

John L.Burlington, CT

They’ve been most supportive in giving us instruction on how the equipment works. They have generally been beneficial to us. We’ve been working with them for at least 3 years now.

Richard M.West Hartford, CT

Compu-Tech, inc. seems to be fairly proactive in keeping things moving along. Sometimes they let small problems linger on for a while but never major problems. They respond quickly to major problems like a server down and that gets fixed right away. I have been using them at least 15 years and will continue using their services.

Ron J.Wethersfield, CT

Compu-Tech recently came in to do the installation. They were courteous and professional. They did a great job.

Jay D.Enfield, CT

Compu-Tech, Inc. has always helped us in a timely manner when we need them. We’ve never had a problem asking them to come over, so we appreciate their accessibility.

Laurie S.Wethersfield, CT

We use Compu-Tech, Inc. at my business for computer service. We’ve used them for networking services, IT systems and all of that, since 2010. It’s been pretty good.

Johnathan E.Hartford, CT